How does bidding work?

Last Updated: Aug 08, 2014 11:01AM EDT
Bidding and purchasing on the site is open to program members of United Airlines MileagePlus although some items may only be available to certain members or program levels.
You may register for MileagePlus by visiting
Members may place bids for items or select Buy-It-Now events when available by logging in with their MileagePlus Account information and accepting the Terms and Conditions.
Items listed on the website are listed in an auction format or a direct purchase. For auction format listings a user can place a bid and is awarded the item if they are the highest bidder at the end of the auction. For Buy-It-Now items, users are awarded the items after completing their purchase.
All members are required to hold a MileagePlus miles balance that is equal to or exceeds the amount of their bid or the Buy-It-Now amount. All bids and purchases are legally binding and miles will be deducted from your account balance immediately. All items are sold as-is and no changes, refunds or bid cancellations may be made once a purchase or bid has been made.
Users may place a Maximum Bid, sometimes known as a proxy bid. This means the system will auto bid on your behalf up to the maximum amount you specify. If bidding does not reach your maximum amount you may win the item for less. If your maximum bid amount is exceeded you will receive an outbid notice and may log back into the system to bid again.
All auctions are listed using an auction time extension feature, sometimes referred to as popcorn bidding. This feature provides an opportunity for all bidders to equally access the auction. This feature eliminates the opportunity for a bidder to place a bid in the last few seconds of an auction and win an auction because they have a faster internet connection or computer. The auction extension feature adds an additional 60 seconds of time to the auction if a bid is placed in the last 60 seconds of the auction. This provides the best experience for all bidders.